FB Live Speaker Agreement


General Terms

  • You agree to participate as an Expert for one interview
  • You agree to participate in one 45-60 min recorded video FB Live interview on the subject area(s) discussed prior to the call
  • You agree that the call will be shown live by Amanda Leigh Patti (FB business and personal page)
  • Amanda Patti agrees to provide the back-end coordination and production for this event, including zoom link, recording equipment, email reminders to participants, etc.


You agree to do this interview without charge, and agree not to request compensation from Amanda for this interview

Intellectual Property

  • The material that you share on your expert interview is, and will remain, solely yours.
  • You will be provided with a recording of your expert interview.  You are free to re-purpose, re-sell, and re-use your recording indefinitely, and without compensation to Amanda Patti. In so doing we ask that you identify Amanda Patti as the interviewer, and provide a link to our website.
  • Amanda Patti may re-purpose, re-sell, and re-use your recording without compensation to you.

No marketing/promo commitment

The e-signatures noted below indicate full compliance with the terms, request and promises stated above.

Schedule Your Live Appearance

Follow this link to my online scheduler.*
*Additional days and times are available upon request, particularly for guests outside of the US.