2017 Events

Sept. 25th Magic Monday – Women’s Moon Lodge, Free Community Event
Healing Way Center, Andover, MA

The resurrection of this ancient practice creates a safe space for women to gather and connect deeply with each other in community, remembering and honoring the “old ways” integrated with today’s modern society. The benefits include an increased sense of felt community; emotional, mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual support and growth; reduced stress and increased well-being.

During this hour long presentation/moment of sharing, we will explore the ways of the Sacred Circle, where you will have the opportunity to explore:
– the challenges experienced by today’s modern woman
– how you have personally experienced the lack of a community structure in today’s culture
– the experiences you and many other women have around body shaming, menstruation, femininity, competition and more…

Join us to be seen and heard, to come together in community as women supporting women. Learn about our upcoming workshops where you will have the opportunity to dive deeply into and through these growth opportunities in a safe and supported space.

Oct. 9 Magic Monday, Finding Courage, Free Community Event
Healing Way Center, Andover, MA

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” ~ Brene Brown
One of the most challenging, yet self-empowering and healing practices we can embrace is that of letting ourselves be seen and accepted exactly as we are — “flaws” and all. In this Magic Monday, we’ll dive into the process of exploring what vulnerability is, why it is important, how we can move into and through it, and why it takes courage to allow ourselves to be seen in such a raw state. Some of the tools and practices shared this evening can be immediately integrated into your life. Whether you are craving connection in community, deeper conversations with you partner or friends, learning how to love and accept yourself on a new level, or if you are experiencing a state of dis-ease, this Magic Monday will have some very practical exercises and ways of showing up that can begin the process of creating space for more joy, peace, and love in your life.

Oct. 14 Womb Moon Lodge Workshop (Women)
Healing Way Center, Andover, MA

Experience the gift of immersing yourself in community and in being held in Sacred Sisterhood. The Women’s Moon Lodge is a safe and sacred space for all women to gather, to heal themselves, and heal the wounds of our ancestors. Speak your truth, be seen and heard. Release the blame, shame, guilt, and jealousy that pervades how women “should” be. Learn how to support yourself through the changes of life – from maiden to mother to crone. Be held and accepted as you are.
This workshop will meet monthly around the time of the Full Moon – a potent time of creative potential for all life on earth. You will have the opportunity to set intentions for each Full Moon, to clear mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and/or physical blocks while being held in Sacred Space and to call in what it is you truly want to manifest.  Share wisdom with each other regarding womanhood. Move through limitations, fears, and societal programming around your divine sensuality, intuition, and emotive waters. Develop a practice that honors and potentiates your highest health and womb wisdom. Sing, dance, create, and share stories of ancient and wild wisdom. Express yourself fully and be embraced while doing so.
Experience the healing gifts of letting joy and being in community burn away pain held within you. Grow more fully into who you are in a self-empowered and conscious way. Decrease stress and increase your well-being.

Oct. 23 Magic Monday, Conscious Parenting, Free Community Event
Healing Way Center, Andover, MA

What is conscious parenting? What are some of the challenges faced by children today and parents? Is the challenge truly with our children, with our past experiences, or a bit of both? What are some actions we can begin to immediately implement to reduce stress and increase a more profound and supportive connection with you and your child(ren)?
Many parents today have a desire to raise their children in a way that allows for their full, creative expression of self and their highest potential in a way that is nurturing, supportive, and free of toxic, shame, blame, or guilt. The question many parents ask me is, “how do I do that? I feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and anxious. How do I best support my kid(s) and raise them to be responsible, empowered adults?” This Magic Monday dives into the topic of conscious parenting – what it means, why it’s beneficial, and what it’s often about when we react to our children’s behaviors.

Nov. 13, Magic Monday, Moving Beyond Self Sabotage, Free Community Event
Healing Way Center, Andover, MA

What is self-sabotage? What are some of the ways it shows up in our lives? How
does it feel when we self-sabotage? What would it feel like if we gave ourselves permission to move beyond sabotaging behaviors? Who is running the show when we hold ourselves back from expressing our full potential?
How many times have you set goals and/or intentions for yourself, but don’t seem to reach them? Sometimes, we are more committed to our subconscious limitations than we are to realizing and actualizing what it is our heart truly desires! And, most of the time, many of us are not aware of these patterns. If you have told yourself, or have heard yourself say that you’re not good enough, are too much, or not enough, find yourself skipping out on days in the gym, eat that extra cookie, don’t seem to get done what needs getting done, watching your dreams sail past you, then you might be sabotaging yourself.
Whether you are looking to lose weight, get in shape, switch jobs, welcome a new partnership into your life, reduce stress, or improve your current relationship, this free Magic Monday will provide you with some practical tools to help you recognize self-sabotaging behaviors before they derail you and take inspired action towards redirecting those patterns into more supportive ones.