Change begins with you, is a phrase that Amanda often uses and fully believes in. Not only do personal and professional changes begin with your choosing to invest in yourself, but when you do, a minimum of 5% of the exchange is donated towards social and/or environmental causes.

It’s Amanda’s personal mission to mobilize a minimum of $1 million USD to support communities in need, the environment, and indigenous communities in a way that builds a bridge towards healing and helps to preserve their wisdom and culture.

Here are some of the amazing organizations we have supported so far:

The REAL (reading and educational assistance learning) Program
Addressing literacy issues by providing books, homework assistance, healthy snacks and dinners, enrichment opportunities, college campus visits and just plain healthy fun to children in a safe, caring environment (plus English language tutoring for their parents!)

Crossing Lines – Slacklining
“Crossing Lines started as a highlining project, using the striking visuals of highlining to create a new conversation about Iran and the U.S. We’re continuing this project with a second trip to Iran in 2017 and planning more international highline festivals in the Middle East and elsewhere to connect people through highlining and film.

Now we’re adding on a second project to Crossing Lines. We’ve seen slacklining help people find new communities, escape unhealthy lifestyles, and dramatically change their lives. We believe slacklining can be a powerful tool to help refugees integrate into their new communities, build relationships, and learn the local languages in a playful environment. Perhaps more importantly, we believe slacklining can also help the local community to connect with refugees outside of headlines and news reports.”

The Tao Foundation for Culture and Arts
“The Tao Foundation for Culture and Arts is a non-profit organization engaged in cultural regeneration initiatives in the Philippines. Established in 1994, it is led by an all-female Board composed of community leaders, scholars, and artists. Tao Foundation’s mission is to facilitate the transmission, development, and exchange of local and ancestral knowledges in the areas of arts, environment, health, gender, and spirituality, and to contribute to the empowerment of mostly culture bearers. Its current programs include the Agusan del Sur – School of Living Traditions, and the PAMATI Intergenerational and Inter-tribal Gathering. This 2019, the goal is to generate support to help cover operations costs not provided for by grant funds, including costs of license renewals, repair/ maintenance/ and improvements of the center/ school premises and facilities. The center / school is also in need of funds to purchase a new laptop, printer/scanner/photocopier, camera, LCD projector, to help with office functions and to contribute to effective knowledge transmission.”

Video by Habi Collective

Hawaii Uncharted Research Collective Whale Shark Initiative

“Our mission at Hawai’i Unchartered Research Collective is to conduct scientific research on Whale Sharks (Rhincodon typus) and other marine organisms in Hawaiian waters. Our research focuses on population dynamics, ecology, animal behavior and human impacts. Findings from this research will be used to support local and global efforts to conserve Whale Sharks and their environment.

Our vision is to merge community engagement and scientific research. Our aim is to pair citizen science and education with scientific research and technology to learn more about this relatively unknown species in Hawaiian waters. This research will increase awareness and knowledge about Whale Sharks to implement strong conservation-minded initiatives in Hawai’i and globally.”

Alpine Ascents Foundation – Sherpa Education Fund

“In 1999, mountaineering outfitter Alpine Ascents International established the Alpine Ascents Foundation as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to improving the lives of people who live in indigenous mountain areas by providing access to education and resources.”

For more on the positive impact Alpine Ascents Foundation is making within the local community, visit their website linked above, or Instagram.