Are you stressed out? In pain? An athlete? Injured? Looking to relax and unwind? Tired and overworked? When is the last time you took time out of your schedule for you? When was the last time you put yourself first and took care of your body’s needs?

Receive Amanda’s therapeutic, healing touch directly catered to meet your specific needs. Experience relief from pain, stress, and tight/sore muscles. Unwind and relax. Renew and restore.

“Amanda has incredible intuitive body wisdom that carries over into her body work and wisdom. I trust her with my body and my families’ because her healing touch is profound.” –Cynthia Barnard//Shaman Mother Healer

“Just want to say thank you to Amanda for responding immediately to my cry for help last week on FaceBook. I pulled something in my hip/back and could not walk and was in the worst pain of my life. Amanda reach out to offer a home massage and energy therapy treatment and showed up a couple hours later! I was afraid of having more pain, but she is truly an expert in her field and was able to get more movement in my legs and hip and lessened my pain with just 1 treatment. I highly recommend her work and encourage anyone who is in pain or just not able to move as well as they should to schedule a visit with her. Thank you Amanda. I’m up and walking thanks to you!” Charlene St. Jean//Purple Diamond, LLC

How to get started

Amanda’s Therapeutic Massage and Intuitive Services are a boutique practice held within the comfort of your home. Amanda serves the North Shore, Southern NH, and Southern ME.

Contact Amanda to schedule your session today. All visits are home visits and require references.

There are occasionally conditions with which massage is contraindicated. Communicating clearly with Amanda about any and all prior, pre-existing, and/or current conditions will help her make an informed decision for your best interest.