1:1 coaching – alchemy, self-love & embodiment

I only accept a limited number of applicants to my 1:1 mentoring program. I am not the right mentor for everyone; however I may be the right mentor for you.

About you

You are a human being being human.
You’re willing to take risks.
you want to improve your health, life and the life of the people around you.
You desire more intimate and real relationships.

…parts of you feel stressed out, overwhelmed, unhappy, and like you’re running on empty. You feel like you are doing everything you can and that it’s not good enough. Truth be told, you feel unfulfilled.

You may feel stuck between a rock and hard place. If you have children, you may want to show up for them and fully be present with them, but lack the focus and attention span to be present, to play with them, and you find yourself beating yourself up about it. Parts of you find yourself living for the weekend, but too exhausted and burnt out to enjoy it. Parts of you want to improve your quality of life, but don’t know where or how to begin; or, you know what you need to do but continually sabotage yourself.

Does this sound like you?

• Are you someone who is willing to dive deep?
• Are you willing to play full on and full out, holding nothing back, nor hiding?
• Are you willing to step into and move through fear?
• Are you committed to investing fully in yourself?
• Do you want to experience ease and grace in your life?
• Do you want to reduce stress and overwhelm? Experience more happiness?
• Do you want to improve your health and wellness?
• Do you want to love yourself more than you ever have?
• Create epic relationships with your co-workers, partner, or friends?
• Do you want to create and take action towards living an extraordinary life?
• Would you like to move out of misery and be happy?
• Are you facing a challenging, life-changing decision?


I’m not here to buy into your bullshit stories or please you. I will show up powerfully for you each and every session. I will be honest with you. I will invite you to shift, to grow, and to confront aspects of yourself that parts of you will not like or want to see. And, I will do it all compassionately, vulnerably, and authentically so that you can experience more ease in your life, less overwhelm, greater happiness, better sex and more intimate relationships.

If you answered yes to some, or all, of these questions, schedule your deep dive discovery call with me today.