“Amanda has an exquisite ability to see beyond the surface challenges that come about physically and psychologically to gently open the heart of the matter, where true healing can happen. I have the utmost value for her ambitious curiosity to help people see the unseen, her intuitive insights, and her compassionate touch for guiding people into meaningful change. Amanda is a real gift!” ~ JP Sears//Awaken with JP

IMG_6589“Amanda is one of the few people I’ve met fully committed to the path of her higher purpose. She’s patient and insightful and able to pause in moments of challenge, to respond from a place of wisdom. I trust Amanda 100%. Her friendship, heart of gold, and willingness to listen is something I know many that work with her get great value from. If you find yourself challenged with where you’re at in life and are in need of someone clear to help you transform on many levels, Amanda is your go to woman!” ~ Benny Fergusson//The Movement Monk


IMG_6590“I had been following Amanda on FaceBook for quite some time, responding to her posts and watching her videos. I was inspired to reach out to her about 4 months ago knowing that my life was undergoing some pretty significant changes. As a Life Coach myself, I wanted to be proactive and connect with someone that I could resonate with and get results. There has not been one moment that I have regretted the investment that I have made in working with Amanda. She is by far one of the most gifted people that I have worked with. Amanda is a compassionate listener, a keen intuitive and an effective coach. She asks thought provoking questions that have lead me to dive deeper and deeper, unravelling my false Self and uncovering my true Self.

Amanda inspires trust making it easier to show up, be authentic and raw. She is able to sift through the minutiae of my ramblings and grasp the treasure of my truest desires. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how she has helped me reclaim lost parts of myself and heal long withstanding wounds. Coaching with Amanda is a life changer!” ~ Denise Cordero//Life Coach

“I had little in the way of an intention going into a 9 day retreat in the Nicaraguan jungle with Amanda Patti. The bugs were biting, the sun was oppressive, the fruit was juicy, and the surf was excellent. So, not only was the idea of ‘compassionate communication’ new to me, but the entire setting was relatively out of my comfort zone — particularly the heavy sets rolling in from the Pacific. From my first day of working with Amanda, I could tell she was above all in tune. In tune with the very personal small group that was present. In tune with how her practice and skills were very new to me. In tune with the informality of the context and the atmosphere of joy surrounding our little Nicaraguan shack. I also saw how personally in tune with herself she was.

She was not afraid to voice her own fears, doubts, and complex feelings that are so often subdued in teachers or coaches. This was so important because it not only deteriorated that unhealthy student/teacher dichotomy, but it also set an example. Compassionate communication starts with knowing yourself! Which, as she shows, is a ceaseless effort. As a graduate fresh out of college, I feel pretty untested yet by the trials of the universe — both internally and externally. So I felt like I was in a unique position to learn from Amanda. I learned confidence in myself to share stuff I wouldn’t normally. I learned how to listen to people in a more complete way. And, I’d say most importantly, I learned about the potential to be a teacher and student in my future day-to-day interactions. Many thanks to Amanda for her presence and kindness.” ~ Brad David

“Amanda’s inner coaching supports both physical and mental aspects of my life. She has helped me set my life goals in motion and make them in actuality much closer than they seem. She’s also helped me with cleansing and clearing my body first and then leading to a clear mind. An inspiring enthusiastic mentor, I highly recommend her to everyone to help get on the right path!” ~ Dani Shirtcliff//Photographer & Yoga Teacher

“If you are looking for someone to support your wellness, I happily endorse Amanda Patti. Amanda does the work it takes to properly diagnose the specifics that involve imbalance and the restoration to harmony. She is dedicated in her study and application and always continues to refine her already exceptional skills.” ~ Mark St. Pierre//International Yoga Teacher

“It wasn’t until I experienced Amanda’s healing touch that I can whole-heartedly say that she has reworked my body’s muscle memory trauma and has taken me out of chronic pain and given my my mobility and life back again. Every lesson was tailored so specifically to my needs that it felt as though she was listening to my body from the inside out. If you are needing a profound body-work experience, with her numerous certifications and continuing study programs, then Amanda is the only body worker you will ever need. Period.” ~ Taylor Stilson, PhD.//Voice Faculty, Brown University and The New England Conservatory of Music

“I have been working with Amanda since July of 2014. Initially we began working together for a shoulder injury I incurred at my catering business. The injury led to a wealth of other problems including migraines and dizziness. Amanda not only helped relieve my pain and fix my shoulder, but also aligned the rest of my body and worked on areas that were clearly attached to my injury that other people missed. She has an innate sense of how to work with people and knows how to listen to their bodies.

After many miserable months of looking for answers Amanda helped me get back my functioning and my life! Once my shoulder had healed we started working on a fitness plan to help me lose weight I’d gained during my injury and also strengthen my body in general. With Amanda’s expert assistance and wonderful exercise program I am happy to say I am 45 pounds lighter, much stronger, more fit, and happier all around.” ~ Meaghan S.//Owner, Booze Epoque

“My wife has been seeing Amanda for the past 2 years and had only good things to say about her. When I suffered a leg injury while running on vacation, my wife suggested I see Amanda. I’m an active person (except for my desk job) who bicycles, hikes, and plays tennis and I had a variety of unresolved muscle pains.

She tested me physically and came up with a list of ways to treat me. Among other things, she gave me some deep tissue massage and a set of at-home exercises to work on my weaknesses. I had a painful shoulder that had been treated with PT and acupuncture but was still not right and somehow it is now. I had knee and thigh pain, neck stiffness and a variety of other similar types of issues. Without any other intervention other than performing the exercises prescribed, and additional visits to check on my progress or add exercises, much of my pain has diminished or disappeared. Additionally, my tennis and cycling are stronger than ever.

I heartily recommend Amanda’s practice.” ~ Simon W.

“I have been seeing Amanda for almost a year. I came to her discouraged, with shifting pain/aching that my more traditional physical therapist couldn’t stabilize. He actually referred me to Amanda. Since that first visit, I feel I have gotten a handle on some of my triggers and I feel extremely hopeful. I feel that my body is more flexible, my core is working better, and my breathing is deeper. Although I thought I WAS walking properly (don’t we learn this as toddlers?) I eventually learned to better coordinate my breath, arm, and foot movement through my work with Amanda. Now, I actually feel more resilient and optimistic. Amanda has helped me align or integrate neural-kinesthetic connections. Don’t ask me how, but I just know that is accurate. Personally, I find Amanda to be extremely patient, gracious, accepting, curious, and nonjudgmental. She is some sort of genius for figuring out a customized activity to promote my well-being.” ~ Sharyn L.

“While I have known Amanda for some time now, as a friend, yoga instructor, and as a health and wellness coach, I can say with all certainty that she is a valued and trusted confidant on so many levels. Recently we had worked together to try and solve my various health issues and now more than ever, it has become clear that Amanda is making a huge difference in the approach I am taking to get well. The areas I have neglected on my path may well be my roadblocks. I have had several profound realizations about my health in recent months under her guidance.

First, I have realized that if I look inside I do have an answer to many of the questions I should be asking but haven’t. Are the roots of my imbalance both emotional and physical? Is this what has stopped me from being where I want to be? Without her guidance I never would have tackled or even thought of tackling some of the hidden blockages that are in my way. Without her gentle but firm advice, I would likely remain in the same spot I’ve been.

The road to wellness is life long. She won’t let you take the backseat, you need to drive it yourself. With her riding beside me, I think I’m ready to tackle this highway.” ~ Erin J.

“Amanda is an exceptional practitioner. I’ve been a client of hers for more than 10 years and her approach to bodywork is fantastic. I love that she is very consultative and tailors our sessions to my current concerns. From general massage to caring for specific injuries and muscle strains to reducing tension headaches, she treats the problem through customized bodywork and often leaves me with tips for self-care I can continue after our session is over. I highly recommend working with Amanda!” ~ Nicole M.