“Amanda has an exquisite ability to see beyond the surface challenges that come about physically and psychologically to gently open the heart of the matter, where true healing can happen. I have the utmost value for her ambitious curiosity to help people see the unseen, her intuitive insights, and her compassionate touch for guiding people into meaningful change. Amanda is a real gift!” ~ JP Sears//Awaken with JP

IMG_6589“Amanda is one of the few people I’ve met fully committed to the path of her higher purpose. She’s patient and insightful and able to pause in moments of challenge, to respond from a place of wisdom. I trust Amanda 100%. Her friendship, heart of gold, and willingness to listen is something I know many that work with her get great value from. If you find yourself challenged with where you’re at in life and are in need of someone clear to help you transform on many levels, Amanda is your go to woman!” ~ Benny Fergusson//The Movement Monk


IMG_6590“I had been following Amanda on FaceBook for quite some time, responding to her posts and watching her videos. I was inspired to reach out to her about 4 months ago knowing that my life was undergoing some pretty significant changes. As a Life Coach myself, I wanted to be proactive and connect with someone that I could resonate with and get results. There has not been one moment that I have regretted the investment that I have made in working with Amanda. She is by far one of the most gifted people that I have worked with. Amanda is a compassionate listener, a keen intuitive and an effective coach. She asks thought provoking questions that have lead me to dive deeper and deeper, unravelling my false Self and uncovering my true Self.

Amanda inspires trust making it easier to show up, be authentic and raw. She is able to sift through the minutiae of my ramblings and grasp the treasure of my truest desires. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how she has helped me reclaim lost parts of myself and heal long withstanding wounds. Coaching with Amanda is a life changer!” ~ Denise Cordero//Life Coach

“I had little in the way of an intention going into a 9 day retreat in the Nicaraguan jungle with Amanda Patti. The bugs were biting, the sun was oppressive, the fruit was juicy, and the surf was excellent. So, not only was the idea of ‘compassionate communication’ new to me, but the entire setting was relatively out of my comfort zone — particularly the heavy sets rolling in from the Pacific. From my first day of working with Amanda, I could tell she was above all in tune. In tune with the very personal small group that was present. In tune with how her practice and skills were very new to me. In tune with the informality of the context and the atmosphere of joy surrounding our little Nicaraguan shack. I also saw how personally in tune with herself she was.

She was not afraid to voice her own fears, doubts, and complex feelings that are so often subdued in teachers or coaches. This was so important because it not only deteriorated that unhealthy student/teacher dichotomy, but it also set an example. Compassionate communication starts with knowing yourself! Which, as she shows, is a ceaseless effort. As a graduate fresh out of college, I feel pretty untested yet by the trials of the universe — both internally and externally. So I felt like I was in a unique position to learn from Amanda. I learned confidence in myself to share stuff I wouldn’t normally. I learned how to listen to people in a more complete way. And, I’d say most importantly, I learned about the potential to be a teacher and student in my future day-to-day interactions. Many thanks to Amanda for her presence and kindness.” ~ Brad David

“Amanda’s inner coaching supports both physical and mental aspects of my life. She has helped me set my life goals in motion and make them in actuality much closer than they seem. She’s also helped me with cleansing and clearing my body first and then leading to a clear mind. An inspiring enthusiastic mentor, I highly recommend her to everyone to help get on the right path!” ~ Dani Shirtcliff//Photographer & Yoga Teacher