Breathing Meditation (Click for more info)
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Unconditional Love Meditation (Click for more info)
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Create a Morning Routine (Click for more info)

Are you a thought-leader, visionary, high performer, budding entrepreneur, or parent?

Would you like to jump start your day and set yourself up for success, happiness, and inspiration?

This course, containing 10 videos plus 2 guided meditations is geared towards helping you create a morning routine to:
* increase happiness
* shift your mindset
* become clear on your priorities and values
* develop a practice to bring more “heck” yes into your day

Includes both the Breathing Meditation and Unconditional Love Meditation

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Radical, Raw Authenticity Program (Click for more info)
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Includes: Breathing Meditation, Unconditional Love Meditation, Create a Morning Routine, Develop a Gratitude Practice plus 1 complimentary deep coaching session (valued at $400 USD).

Peace Sticks

These Peace Sticks were made in Nicaragua by the local, indigenous people we work with and support. Your purchase of the sticks directly supports their lifestyle, sustainability, and continued artisan craftwork.

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