The Silent Side of Success

We often see people’s successes celebrated and shouted from the rooftops. However, it’s not often that we see the silent side of success.

What is the silent side of success?

In my opinion, the silent side of success is the celebration of our “failures,” the learning opportunities that we experience along the way and the times that we trip over our own two feet and land, face first, in a fantastic display of a nose dive, right into a pile of steaming, stinking mud.

It’s also the choice and ability to rise, brush ourselves off, and move on. Hopefully having learned from the experience.

The Silent Side of Success – AKA my “failures”

In 2017,

  1. I failed at 10xing my income. I’m interested in exponential growth, as a person, as a high performer, as a single parent, and a socialpreneur.
  2. I failed to take the exponential action required to 10x my growth. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve taken plenty of action this year, stepped out of my comfort zone, grown in ways I couldn’t possibly imagine. However, I failed to take the degree of exponential action I needed to in order to massively grow.
  3. I failed to launch an online program.
  4. I failed to donate as much as I intended to this year.
  5. I failed to lose 20 pounds. Yes, I said it. Lose 20 pounds. Turns out my body needs more intense training than what I had been doing, which has been highly restorative and great for my nervous system, but not so good in the “keep the weight off” department.
  6. I failed to train every day.
  7. I failed to reach a level of climbing high enough to become lead belay certified and climb on the roof at Boston Rock Gym.
  8. I failed to write and finish a book.
  9. I failed at checking email and social media only 2x/day.
  10. I failed at keeping the “four white devils” out of my diet, especially gluten.

Rather than see failures as opportunities to shame and hate on ourselves, we have the opportunity to view failures as opportunities to celebrate that we chose to set a high bar for ourselves, that we chose to take a risk, leap, and try something new and/or challenging.

What have you failed at this year? Share in the comment section below! I will celebrate your failures with you.


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