Are you Settling?

When we settle for anything in life, we send out a message to the Universe that we’re willing to accept less than what truly lights us up, fulfills us, and has us saying one heck of a juicy “heck yes!” to life.

This is a bit like walking throughout life wearing a chastity belt of your own making. Hello!

If you want to open the doors to receive, to really receive, stop saying “heck yes” to the “meh’s” in your life and save those turned on, lit up, “fuck yeses!” to what aligns with what you really want and with what truly fulfills and inspires you. When you begin to say “hell no” to the “meh’s” and wait for the “oh heck yes,” to come along, you open yourself to really receive.

With love, Amanda Leigh

Show Up

Do you want to develop more intimate relationships? Do you want to become a better coach? A more present partner? A better lover? An amazing parent?

Show up.

Show up fully. Authentically. Vulnerably. Be fully present in who you are and what you can give, from your heart, with no expectations, to this world.

Show up. Fiercely. As only you can.

Start by learning how to show up for yourself. How to love yourself. How to be courageously bold and authentic with yourself. How to allow yourself to soften and move into your vulnerable heart. How to love though your passion and purpose.

It all begins with your learning and choosing how to show up FOR YOU.

Living Life with Quality and Effortlessness

Radical Raw Authenticity Session 001
with Benny Fergusson, the “Movement Monk”

In this intimate interview with Movement Monk, Benny Fergusson, you will learn:

  • How Benny healed his spine naturally after being told surgery was his best option
  • Why tension can hide like a ninja in your body, and how to release it…before it leads to pain and injury
  • How the benefits of physical exercise and healthy nutrition are diminished if you don’t do this one thing ____ well
  • A fool-proof strategy Benny uses to cultivate happiness
  • How women can support awakening men
  • How men can step into their vulnerabilities and much more!